People & Permaculture

People & Permaculture


by Looby MacNamara

ISBN13: 9781856230872
ISBN10: 1856230872

This is the first book to explore how to use permaculture design and principles for people – to restore personal, social and planetary well-being. People and Permaculture widens the definition of permaculture from being mainly about land-based systems to include our own lives, relationships and society. This book provides a framework to help each of us improve our ability to care for ourselves, our friends, families and for the Earth. It is also a clear guide for those who may be new to permaculture, who may not even have a garden, but who wish to be involved in making changes to their lives and living more creative, low carbon lives.People and Permaculture transforms the context of permaculture making it relevant to everyone.Part 1 – provides a detailed introduction to permaculture design and principles as

applied to people.Part 2 – looks at the tools and techniques we can use in our own lives; how we can transform our internal landscape, enhance our well-being and be at our best.Part 3 -investigates ways of creating harmony in our relationships and groups, through our communication and decision making.Part 4 – explores a wider vision for our social systems, in particular health and education.Part 5 – moves on to explore how to expand our feelings of connection across the globe.Part 6 – focuses on how we can manifest a positive future with the use of a new design framework specifically created for people-based designs.Including over 50 practical activities, People and Permaculture empowers readers with tried and tested tools to initiate positive change in their lives. It is a hands-on yet powerful guide to creating a sustainable world.

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