The Third Wave

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From food coops, organic farming, communes, and appropriate technology in the 1970s, to permaculture, bioregional congresses, deep ecology and ecovillages in the 80s and 90s, to Transition Towns, economic localization, city repair, and agro-forestry in the new millennium, the growing efforts to heal Gaia have advanced in a series of pulses or waves.

A 3rd Wave has now emerged, but not fully consolidated, lacking capacity for fully integrated local development. What is needed for the 3rd Wave to take full form and advance the leading edge of planetary renewal?

Ravi Logan, executive director of the PROUT Institute, will present a visually compelling power point history of the emergence of Gaia in transition and make the case for the social vision that will further empower the 3rd Wave surge.

Ravi has recently returned from Denmark, where he presented the “3rd Wave” thesis to acclaim at the Gaia Education conference on formulating a Regional Development Training.