Fall update from Denmark

Baeredygtig Bosaetning — Sustainable Settlement

A three member team of AndelsTanken , recently met with Hillerod municipality officials about AndelsTanken’s proposed Baeredygtig Bosaetning eco-village settlement plans and to work out with them an acceleration of approval procedures. In late November, a presentation on the project plans will be made to Hillerod’s main council assembly.

The Baeredygtig Bosaetning settlement will be comprised of up to 200 houses designed by Sirous Khosravi that feature innovative clay construction, as well as self-sufficient renewable energy, forest gardens, a communal house — among other progressive design features.

Learn more about the visionary design for this settlement from the the Baeredygtig Bosaetning Project Presentation.

At a social design level, Stephan Krabsen has arranged a focus group for people who are interested in living in the settlement and has contacted a non-profit housing association about purchasing some of the houses and renting them to people afford purchase. Financing planning is being assisted by Morten Pedersen, who is working on procurement of financing, calculating project operations, and negotiating with possible financers.

The settlement’s projected power system will use solar and wind energy, backed up with hydrogen fuel cells and batteries. This advanced energy concept makes use of expertise of a Danish firm that has made a similar system in the Faroe Islands.


Cooperative Trading Application
The Cooperative Trading Application (CTA), under development by AndelsTanken, is intended to create a market space where producers and consumers can meet and trade without middlemen, and thereby to facilitate securing localized economic development. This app will also function as a gift economy portal and include use of a country-wide community currency and incorporate direct trading arrangements in consumer coops.

A project design coop has been established which, in addition to a programmer, includes members having expertise in digital marketing and sharing economics. An economist has also been recruited to test the CTA and improve its economic clearing mechanisms.

This application will be put into use in the Langeland Localized Development Demonstration Project (see below). Alexander Zabello, a graduate of the PROUT Institute’s Community Transformation Training Program, has gone to Langeland Island to make contact with agricultural growers and producers of agricultural goods, as well as developing an inventory of goods to be offered on the CTA’s listing of products for exchange.

Langeland Island Localized Economic Development Demonstration Project
Representatives of AndelsTanken Langeland met with municipality officials of the island of Langeland in October 2015. They are interested in cooperating with Andels Tanken’s Langeland project, and especially with the project’s focus on job creation in the new economy. DR TV is planning a special six-part TV series about the project as an example of starting localized economic development in underdeveloped areas.

More recently, AndelsTanken Langeland met with farmers owning more than half the land on the Island. Most of these farmers are interested in using some of their land for a cooperative permaculture project and other uses to support the Langeland program. AndelsTanken is making plans to offer a course to educate members of the proposed permaculture coop gardens. This course would feature decentralized development and permaculture design.

Sine Pejs Jensen is a member of AndlesTanekn. She participated in the Community Transformations program in Eugene in 2015.

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