Welcome to the new PROUT Institute web community!

We are launching this new site to initiate interactive learning and community building among progressive thinkers and doers around the world. Join the conversation and sign up now! Please share your thoughts about the new  PROUT website in the COMMENTS section of this post and spread the word via social media.

On the PROUT page you will find summaries of Progressive Utilization Theory concepts. Archives of papers, publications and videos are available on the Learn More and Library pages. You can see descriptions of projects and updates on current activities on the Projects pages.

Invitation to Participate Online:

  1. Are you working in your community using PROUT principles to address social change? We invite you to be a guest blogger. Topics may include permaculture and community food systems, sustainable community development, coops, politics and spirituality, ecovillages, housing. Share what you have learned or pose hard questions to the blog community. Guest blogs should link to the PROUT Institute web page content. Please pitch your ideas to [email protected]
  2. Have you read any of the books or papers, or seen the videos in our Learn More section? If so, post your comments for discussion.
  3. Would you like to respond to posts with thought provoking comments that encourage dialogue?
  4. Are you a member of a PROUT study group? If so, you are invited to host dialogues and forums.

Coming in 2016

This coming year we will be launching online educational programs.

  1. Community Transformations Podcasts. We will host a series of interviews with leading thinkers and actors whose work is complementary to PROUT principles. This will culminate in live dialogues.
  2. Introduction to PROUT Economics. An online course on PROUT economics will be offered by Jason Schreiner, beginning in April.

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