Mission Statement

PROUT Institute provides people and communities with empowering resources to envision and enact sustainable and equitable solutions to social, economic, and ecological challenges.

PROUT’s Fundamental Premise

All people should have equitable opportunities to develop and express their physical, mental, and spiritual potentialities, while maintaining dynamic balance among individual quality of life, collective well-being, and ecological integrity.

The PROUT Institute identifies four essential conditions for making a transition to a sustainable and equitable future:

  • Hope: a rational and grounded sense of hope for humanity’s future
  • Vision: a robust vision to guide enduring social transformation
  • Empowerment: personal and community vitalization and empowering ideas
  • Solutions: a theory-based, solution-oriented approach to social renewal

The Institute’s approach to social engagement is based on developing theory-based solutions to socioeconomic problems. PROUT offers a system of practical design principles intended to bring balanced progress and vitality to the human society. Its method for undertaking a solution-oriented approach has three facets:

  • Know your region: obtain an informed understanding of local people and of local problems and potentials
  • Create your plan: create local and regional development plans to foster well-being, equity, and balanced abundance
  • Serve the community: collaborate with others to engage in constructive social change

PROUT Institute’s Scope of Activity

The Institute takes a balanced and holistic approach to its engagement in social transformation, with a program of activities in the following areas:

  • Theory: popularizing a coherent theory of development to replace the current paradigm
  • Policy: proposing policies to guide social reforms
  • Practice: developing model projects to demonstrate and test the viability of new approaches
  • Education: offering a variety of educational programs to share the understandings the Institute develops through its engagement in theory, policy and practice.
  • Community: nurturing a collaborative community of healthy, spirited harbingers of change to provide a supportive base for creating a new society

PROUT founder, Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar


P.R. Sarkar fix pic

PROUT was first put forward by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, a philosopher, social reformer, and spiritual teacher dedicated to the task of planetary transformation. Through his actions and teachings he inspired many people to develop their potentialities and take on active responsibility for humanity’s welfare.

Click here to read more about Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar.

PROUT Around the World

For those who may wish to explore PROUT initiatives happening in other arenas, we suggest starting with the following:

Staff Biographies

Ronald Logan

Executive Director

Ronald Logan is the Executive Director of the PROUT Institute, where he is engaged in the Institute’s training programs and in implementing its local development projects. He is the principal author of PROUT: A New Paradigm of Development and is a frequent contributor to the PROUT Journal. In 1993, he co-authored the Plan for the Economic Development of Khabarovsk Krai on the Basis of PROUT, a project undertaken at the invitation of the Vice-Governor of Khabarovsk Krai in Far East Russia. He has helped draft several policy papers for the Global PROUT Policy Parliament and developed the Institute’s Community Transformations Training program. His new book,  “A New Interpretation of Revolution”, is scheduled for publication in 2018. Currently he is teaching an online 6 session course called “PROUT: A New Social Philosophy for a new Era“. He is also the founder and program director of the spiritual center Dharmalaya, which has as its mission “to promote dharma holistically in personal, social and ecological spheres of life.”

Michele Renée

Program Coordinator & Community Outreach

Michele Renée uses skill and expertise gained from over two decades of high school social studies teaching and 15 years of running programs at Dharmalaya to inform her work at the PROUT Institute. Together with Ronald Logan, Michele developed the Community Transformations Program. She is responsible for  communications, social networking, and program coordination. Her inspiration comes from mentoring and learning from the young people that participate in Institute programs, and connecting the points of light while weaving the web of a new society. Her background includes a B.A. in geography and anthropology, as well as archaeology, and aerial photography work in the Caribbean and North Africa. She manages the Dharmalaya Center.

Jason Schreiner


Jason Schreiner serves as President of PROUT Institute, is Instructor of Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon, and is Assistant Director of the Teaching Engagement Program at the University of Oregon Office of the Provost. The PROUT Institute’s chief public speaker, Jason brings a passion and deep understanding of social and political theory, liberation philosophy, and PROUT to inspire the students in training at the Institute. Jason’s contributions are informed by his background in farming (conventional and organic) and working in community organizations, having served as Director of Development for the Kansas Rural Center, a nonprofit that promotes sustainable agriculture and local food security, and as Outreach and Communications Director for Goal One Coalition, an Oregon-based nonprofit organization that engaged citizens to participate in land use decisions in order to create livable communities and sustainable economies.

Clare Strawn

Strategic Development & Learning

Clare Strawn puts her PhD in Urban Studies and Master’s in Education to work using collaborative action research to empower communities to learn from their practices. She has decades of community development and activism from early feminism to community control of housing, solidarity with liberation movements, women’s literacy in South Africa, and educational equity regionally and internationally. “I am a bridge builder; creativity and innovation live at the edges, where different worlds meet. Spanning resources, building capacity through partnerships, and healing social divides through connection bridge the road of my diverse life and academic experiences.”

Guy Prouty

Video Producer

Guy Prouty is an archaeologist and filmmaker and he dedicates his life and talents to understanding the development and the evolution of the human story throughout prehistory and today, as well as making spiritually uplifting documentary and family historical films.


In Memory and Gratitude


Daniel Swantek

The PROUT Institute would like to acknowledge the generous contributions of vision, time, work, and materials made by Daniel Swantek in the formative stages of our work. His legacy continues to provide inspiration to the many young people that participate in our programs. His family has also contributed generously to the development of Institute projects. Daniel also contributed significantly to the arts and was instrumental in helping establish and promote the Green Lane Sustainable Business Network, which awards an annual prize in his honor to a GreenLane non-profit member that provides sustainable opportunities or sustainability education in our local community.