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Members of AndelsTanken understands that most Danes readily agree on two long-term goals: CO2 neutrality and cooperative economic development. The first goal is a global imperative and the second is part of the Danish cultural and economic DNA. For 70 years, from 1882 to 1952, Denmark demonstrated a sustainable developmental model based on local resources and cooperatives. Many Danes have rallied around us in taking up these simple goals.

The enormous volunteer engagement that’s come to life is inspiring. Many experienced and engaged people have come forward to offer their skills and time — some to foster local sustainable development, some to continue working in the projects, and some who see localized coop development as the way to meet the challenges of transition.

AndelsTanken’s method is to seek out projects that people are inspired to be a part of, and then to develop concrete action plans in cooperation with these people. AndelsTanken’s role is to facilitate the co-creation of project descriptions and the plans for project implementation.

We’re involved in a number of projects that demonstrate ways for the green economy to grow and become a viable alternative. These projects work on different levels of the new green and sustainable market economy, retaking control over value chains and democratizing the economy and the planning processes. So far we’ve co-created nine projects, described below.


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Fall update from Denmark

Baeredygtig Bosaetning — Sustainable Settlement

A three member team of AndelsTanken , recently met with Hillerod municipality officials about AndelsTanken’s proposed Baeredygtig Bosaetning eco-village settlement plans and to work out with them an acceleration of approval procedures. In late November, a presentation on the project plans will be made to Hillerod’s main council assembly.

The Baeredygtig Bosaetning settlement will be comprised of up to 200 houses designed by Sirous Khosravi that feature innovative clay construction, as well as self-sufficient renewable energy, forest gardens, a communal house — among other progressive design features.

Learn more about the visionary design for this settlement from the the Baeredygtig Bosaetning Project Presentation.


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