What to do?

Lacking a sense of purpose or mission, many of us flounder and get depressed or retreat into purely private endeavors. Let’s talk about this.

In a recent correspondence, my 86-year-old father said he had resigned as chair of his regional 350.org chapter and was now wondering what useful role to pursue at this stage of life. Influenced by PROUTist thinking (he has been reading After Capitalism) he is frustrated by the lack of alternative vision of environmentalist organizations and the fragmentation of issues-driven movements. He observed,  “Little causes with no real, coordinated effort that connects the dots required for full and hopeful success of a continuing world.” He is inspired to search for opportunities for community dialogue that goes beyond exchange of opinion to shared understanding and enlightened vision.  At the other end of the age range I speak with many college students and out of school young adults with optimism and energy who seek meaningful opportunities to make a difference.

Three levels of action

I think there are three levels of action we can take depending on our inclination and scope of power or opportunity.  (more…)