Vistara welcomes Nick Routledge and Upstart Nursery

Nick  The Upstart Nursery is a 100% participant-driven effort made up of friends and cohorts who aspire to grow a better world, together. Currently, we are hosted by the good folks of the Prout Institute at their Vistara site on Horn Lane in Eugene, OR. Uniquely, we are not a ‘community nursery’ simply in name. Rather, we are, in actuality, a nursery for the community, by the community. We are in our fifth season of raising vegetable starts, which we divide into a spring-summer, and a fall-winter push, and distribute through our CSA program. This is not simply an easy, ‘inexpensive’ source of great plants, but instead a shared adventure in beauty and truth that both allows for and asks of us to address the rich challenges and opportunities integral to birthing a revolutionary eco-social paradigm. You can find more information on our home page describing the core ecological and social tenets informing our collaboration.
Nick posts regular updates on FaceBook.