Envisioning New Approaches

Solution-Oriented Sustainable Living Initiatives

This document, prepared for the 2005 Northwest Permaculture Convergence, presents several solution-oriented initiatives that have potential to further efforts in establishing a more sustainable way of living in the Cascadia Bioregion. All are based on, or are extensions of, presently occurring activities; all are organic outgrowths of programs or resources already in place.





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Diversified Approach to Increasing Purchasing Capacity

In a time of economic hard times and high unemployment, there is special need to increase purchasing capacity for all citizens. There is a diversity of means available to create or enhance purchasing capacity. Each of these approaches to increasing purchasing capacity has both strengths and limitations. Each has a niche to fill; each has capacity to complement other approaches. This paper identifies practical approaches that can be mobilized in a multi-faceted strategy for increasing access to purchasing capacity.

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Democratization Of Sustainability

Attaining sustainability will require mass participation in sustainable living practices, for which the PROUT Institute advocates the democratization of sustainability. In a democracy, people have both a right and a responsibility to participate in the political process. Extending this concept to the practice of sustainability, public policy should acknowledge and support people’s right to live sustainably. Complementing public policy, citizens should internalize values that impel them to feel responsible to minimize their impact on the planet.

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Building the Green Infrastructure

The initiatives that are being undertaken based on green cultural values can be viewed as the building of a green infrastructure. This infrastructure is like a three-dimensional grid in which the diverse green initiatives can be positioned on the following three axes: (1) sectors of development (food, housing, energy, etc.), (2) levels of engagement in promoting a new culture (personal, city, region, etc.), and (3) arenas of engagement in new culture initiatives (theory, policy, models, etc.). The concept of building a green infrastructure can give progressive forces recognition that their work is part of integrated efforts to create a new culture based on new values.

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