Intro to PROUT Theory

PROUT Compared to Capitalism and Communism

Capitalism and communism are the two main political philosophies to have shaped collective life in the past century. PROUT offers a comprehensive alternative to these outworn philosophies. This document provides a comparison between PROUT, capitalism, and communism.

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New Vision for Planetary Balance

PROUT is a comprehensive social philosophy that offers a progressive alternative to neoliberalism. While PROUT aligns with many of the practical programs of decentralist philosophies, it is more multi-faceted in its scope, and more grounded in a spiritual worldview. Its intent is to foster the holistic development of a liberated, unified society. Basic PROUT concepts are presented in this statement.

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Need for a Guiding Paradigm of Sustainability

The interacting crises arising from an unsustainable path of development have precipitated a meta-crisis that endangers social and economic stability at fundamental levels. Progressive responses to this dire situation have been constructive, but inadequate. Critiques of globalism, models of sustainable living, democratization of institutional relationships, change of consciousness, resistance to corporate excesses, community building, sustainable technologies, etc., are all essential, but not sufficient, to deliver us. There remains need for a guiding vision, a coherent paradigm of development that is inherently sustaining.


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PROUT: A Comprehensive Socioeconomic Theory

As a comprehensive socioeconomic theory, PROUT deals with the full range of concerns relevant to political philosophy, including: a value base, basic principles of operationalizing the theory, a theory of history, social concepts, a political system, an economic system, an ecological philosophy, a future vision, and a methodology for change.

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Fundamental Contradictions and the Need for a New Ideology

In political theory, interests that come into opposition are called contradictions. At present, a number of profound contradictions are leading the world toward a time of disruptive change. Without the introduction of a new paradigm of development, the combined impact of these contradictions will create dead-endings in society’s path of advancement. PROUT is a coherent ideological alternative, offering a path of hope at this critical historical juncture.

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