Policy Statements

Global Policy on Climate Change

Global climate change is no longer a conjecture; its effects are now evident. Along with rising temperatures have come increasing impacts on societies and ecosystems. The pain of climate change is now being felt, and humanity is compelled to make an immediate and effective response to stem its causes. For this to occur, proper policies and approaches must first be conceived and put in place. In response to this need, the Global PROUT Policy Parliament offers this policy statement on mitigating global climate change.

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Global Policy on Guaranteed Basic Necessities

All people should enjoy the fundamental right to the goods and services required to maintain their existence and to support their development and expression. This Global PROUT Policy Parliament statement asserts that the right to both minimum requirements of life and to common amenities of life must be guaranteed. It additionally proposes a set of PROUT inspired policies intended to establish this right in practice.

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PROUT Policy on Preventing Capital Drainage

To establish and maintain vibrant economies, capital must be built up and utilized in an efficient and balanced manner. Capital is the base of the wealth of a society; inherent within a society’s capital lays the potential for meeting human needs and cultivating human potentials. When capital generated by a local community gets drained due to activities of outside corporations, the economic potential of the community gets stunted and the people impoverished.  This policy paper develops an analysis and policies that support the principle that: capital should not be drained from local communities.

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