PROUT Movement

A Short History of the PROUT Movement

This article provides a short history of the PROUT movement, telling the story of the intellectual and experiential journey that shaped activity during the movement’s early period. The focus is largely upon PROUT activity that came out of North America as the North American centered experience produced important understandings and undertakings that, over time, created a heightened potential for projecting PROUT. By the mid-1990s a pathway was being set in place in which the PROUT paradigm could begin to stand out in the world of progressive change.

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Programmatic Direction for PROUTists

The PROUT Institute developed this strategy statement to submit for the PROUT Strategic Planning Seminar, held in Asheville, North Carolina in May 2016. It first sets up the core elements for the balanced development of a PROUT movement, then gives recommendations for strengthening the internal conditions that support an effective PROUT movement, and concludes with the PI’s views on the four questions developed as the focus for collective discussion at the Strategic Planning Seminar.

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Praise for PROUT

This is a compilation of praise for PROUT and its propounder, P.R. Sarkar. Their praise reflects the wide appeal of PROUT among people who are well qualified to appreciate that which has capacity to nurture greatness in humanity.

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P.R. Sarkar — Champion of Humanity

PROUT was first put forward by P.R. Sarkar, a philosopher, social reformer, and spiritual teacher dedicated to the task of planetary transformation. Through his actions and teachings he inspired many people to develop their potentialities and take on active responsibility for humanity’s welfare.

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