Transition to a New Society

Restoring Balance to Human Society

Economic growth, as an end in itself, has become like a cancer disrupting the healthy functioning of society. PROUT does not advocate limiting growth, but emphasizes establishing dynamic equilibrium of social processes. Human society functions best when maintaining balance in all spheres of human expression. If there is not balance, then the needs of human beings get suppressed and society suffers. This progressive loss of social balance has three stages. First is derangement, which occurs when people’s thinking becomes imbalanced. Second is disruption, which occurs when deranged thinking leads to destructive actions and a disruption in the very of the society. Third is degeneration, which occurs when due to prolonged disruption the society cannot be maintained and life in every sphere becomes harsh and destructive. The road from degeneration back to balance must be one of inspiration so that the spirit of the people is renewed and they are restored to their fundamental nature and are given scope to express this in the society.

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