Community Transformations Summer Intensive Program

Community Transformations is a one of a kind opportunity to live a wholesome lifestyle, build community, experience genuine sustainability, develop a powerful social vision, practice vitalizing spirituality, and have fun making the world a better place.

This five-week intensive experience takes place in and near Eugene, Oregon and is embedded within a working community of engaged citizens who are transforming their neighborhood into a more sustainable, resilient, livable place. It appeals  mainly to young adults seeking knowledge of new social vision, sustainable living practices, wholesome lifestyle, perennial wisdom, community living, and personal development.

Community Transformations challenges participants to integrate body, mind, heart, and spirit in service to living beings and empowers them with knowledge, skills, vision, and strategies for creating solution-oriented change from the grassroots.

During the Community Transformations program, participants are immersed in neighborhood projects, tour ecovillages, attend skill building workshops, spend time in awesome natural settings, engage in deep conversations, and work with skilled practitioners and mentors in the following areas:

  • permaculture and organic gardening
  • whole foods preparation and preservation
  • eco-building (strawbale, cob, and more)
  • yoga, chi gong and meditation
  • community outreach and service
  • resilient sustainability
  • perennial philosophy
  • sociocracy and communications skills
  • community building

Read reflections on the experience by a 2011 participant here.

Here are some videos from 2013 participants:

“Overwhelming love”

“You want to breathe it all in”

“Grew as a group”