PROUT projects in Philippines

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The PROUT Institute supports the Sail of Hope project in Ormoc, Philippines,  launched after the devastating 2013 Haiyan typhoon. The project was initiated by Ananda Seva Mission/PROUT work based in Davao, Mindanao. Project coordinator, Ellen Seniel Trazo, helped organize three People’s Organizations, which have been recognized by the Philippines Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). The formation of People’s Organizations creates opportunities for governmental support for the projects, and gives access to leadership formation by NGO groups. It also helps awaken the Filipino (Maharliikan) cultural value “bayanihan” — the act of helping one another.

Here are the People’s Organizations and the assistance provided to them by Sail of Hope.

United Fishermen of Barangay Naungan

  • This 100 member group was given 47 small-paddled fishing boats in 2014, paid for with money raised during a fundraising event organized by PROUT Institute staff member, Michele Renee. A similar 2015 fundraising event supplied money for the purchase of a long distance fishing boat.

United Small Fishermen of Linao

  • This 45 member group received 20 small-paddled fishing boats from Sail of Hope.

United Women’s Association of Seaside Vendors

  • This People’s Organization’s goal is to raise capital to support creation of a rice retailing business.

Quinto Limbo Seva Youth Club (informal group)

  • Sail of Hope has donated to this group school service boats to provide children safe transportation to school, has collected books to start a local library, and has created a venue for students to meet and undertake community service activities — such as a recent coastal cleanup.

The goals of the next phase of development of Sail of Hope are:

  • acquire land for a permanent settlement for the fisher families and organize this settlement on PROUT principles
  • promote community leadership and self-sufficiency

The process of community building leads individuals to group themselves and embody strength and unity, along with a sense of accomplishment and belonging. The goal is to provide support for leadership and management to be in the hands of the officers and members. The project provides an opportunity for them to develop, and to move from dependence to independence and self-sufficiency.

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