Creating Neighborhood Resiliency and Community

This one-acre lot off of River Road started as a mostly blackberry weed-lot five years ago. Since then, with much volunteer help, it’s been transformed into an inspiring garden, community gathering spot, and education site. Two custom built cabins and a pavilion shaded by a huge maple form a convergence space for community gatherings. An outdoor kitchen features a cob barrel oven and cob rocket canning stove. A third of the property is a vegetable garden, berry patch, and orchard that provides food year-round.

Vistara Gardens at the PROUT Institute on Facebook

Some features found at Vistara include:

  • Energy efficient cabin built with sustainably harvested lumber
  • One-third acre year-round vegetable garden, with dry bean production
  • Outdoor kitchen with earthen floor
  • Wood-fired cob barrel oven rocket canning stove
  • Straw bale outbuilding with earthen plaster walls
  • Diversity of grapes, berries and fruit trees
  • Greenhouse that produces vegetable starts for the neighborhood
  • Warre beehives
  • Large rocket stove that serves multiple heating needs (in progress)