economic relocalization

Sustainable Agriculture in the Willamette Valley

Author: Dan Armstrong

The world currently faces unprecedented challenges due to long-term resource mismanagement and environmental degradation. This is particularly true in the realm of agriculture, where monoculture and industrial farming techniques have proven to be unsustainable. Topsoil loss, water shortages, and petrochemical dependency are stressing global grain production. Food security has progressed from a Third World concern to the forefront of First World issues. Agriculture in Oregon’s Willamette Valley provides a useful case study for both illustrating the existing problem and applying PROUT strategies as a possible solution.

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Sustainable Economy in Lane County

A Solution-Oriented Vision And Practical Recommendations

To ensure a viable future, Lane County must turn from a pathway of economic development linked to the increasingly unstable, unsustainable and crisis prone global economy. It must instead develop a new economy that meet two broad conditions: (1) be local and regional in its control, in its resource base, in its markets, in its capital flow, and in its labor force, and (2) focus development around enterprises that are inherently sustainable.

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