human rights

Foundation Principles of World Government

Humanity has need for a set of guiding principles to serve as the foundation for a global constitution. Four principles, in particular, are essential to ensure that everyone has opportunity for all-around development and to protect the expression of humanity’s diverse cultures. These principles are: (1) complete security should be guaranteed to all plant and animal species; (2) purchasing power should be guaranteed to all citizens; (3) four fundamental rights of expression should be guaranteed — the right to engage in spiritual practice, the right to express one’s culture, the right to education, and the right to express in one’s language; and (4) if the practice of any of these rights conflicts with cardinal human values, then the practice should be curtailed.

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Global Policy on Guaranteed Basic Necessities

All people should enjoy the fundamental right to the goods and services required to maintain their existence and to support their development and expression. This Global PROUT Policy Parliament statement asserts that the right to both minimum requirements of life and to common amenities of life must be guaranteed. It additionally proposes a set of PROUT inspired policies intended to establish this right in practice.

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