new paradigm of development

Basic PROUT Concepts of Development

PROUT seeks to promote sustainable, empowering, holistic and abundant development on the basis of a guiding theory framework. Basic elements of this theory of development are presented in outline form, starting from its philosophical ground, value base, and fundamental principles, then covering its distinctive concepts of socioeconomic development, socioeconomic units, block level planning, economic decentralization, balanced economy, three tiered enterprise system, and rational distribution.

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Fundamental Contradictions and the Need for a New Ideology

In political theory, interests that come into opposition are called contradictions. At present, a number of profound contradictions are leading the world toward a time of disruptive change. Without the introduction of a new paradigm of development, the combined impact of these contradictions will create dead-endings in society’s path of advancement. PROUT is a coherent ideological alternative, offering a path of hope at this critical historical juncture.

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