new social theory

New Vision for Planetary Balance

PROUT is a comprehensive social philosophy that offers a progressive alternative to neoliberalism. While PROUT aligns with many of the practical programs of decentralist philosophies, it is more multi-faceted in its scope, and more grounded in a spiritual worldview. Its intent is to foster the holistic development of a liberated, unified society. Basic PROUT concepts are presented in this statement.

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PROUT: A Comprehensive Socioeconomic Theory

As a comprehensive socioeconomic theory, PROUT deals with the full range of concerns relevant to political philosophy, including: a value base, basic principles of operationalizing the theory, a theory of history, social concepts, a political system, an economic system, an ecological philosophy, a future vision, and a methodology for change.

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Fundamental Contradictions and the Need for a New Ideology

In political theory, interests that come into opposition are called contradictions. At present, a number of profound contradictions are leading the world toward a time of disruptive change. Without the introduction of a new paradigm of development, the combined impact of these contradictions will create dead-endings in society’s path of advancement. PROUT is a coherent ideological alternative, offering a path of hope at this critical historical juncture.

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