new social vision

New Vision for Planetary Balance

PROUT is a comprehensive social philosophy that offers a progressive alternative to neoliberalism. While PROUT aligns with many of the practical programs of decentralist philosophies, it is more multi-faceted in its scope, and more grounded in a spiritual worldview. Its intent is to foster the holistic development of a liberated, unified society. Basic PROUT concepts are presented in this statement.

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A New Paradigm of Development

PROUT is a new socio-economic theory intended to create opportunity for all people to develop and express their potentialities. Rather than focus on critiquing the defects of the dominant paradigm of development, PROUT emphasizes a solution-oriented approach based on a new and empowering vision. It seeks to give humanity a constructive means to move toward a truly sustainable and abundant future. The PROUT paradigm is grounded an emerging worldview of holism. It proposes basic policies and approaches in social, economic, political and cultural spheres of life. And it envisions a means to transition toward its life-promoting paradigm of development.

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