peak oil

Programmatic Response to Peak Oil in Oregon’s South Willamette Valley

The impacts of peak oil will be severe, as petroleum is the primary energy source for so much transportation, manufacturing, food production, and heating. Its effects will require dramatic changes in life style. How much suffering will occur will depend, in part, on the degree of aware anticipation and appropriate preparation. This paper proposes programmatic approaches to preparing for the dislocation of peak oil in Oregon’s south Willamette Valley.

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Energy Planning for Oregon’s Willamette Valley

The combined effects of peak oil and climate change will require dramatic changes in the sources and use of energy in Oregon’s South Willamette Valley. If such changes are not made, economic vitality and the quality of community life will be severely diminished. The task of reconfiguring energy sources and uses will require committed leadership, community support, mobilization of capital, and clarity of vision. This policy paper gives brief outline to a coherent vision for securing sustainable, renewable energy for the South Willamette Valley.


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