PROUT and Permaculture Tenants and Design Principles Compared

As the Permaculture movement has begun to address the importance of human systems to its agricultural revolution, the word has come to mean “Permanent Culture”.  Imbedded in this broader definition is the work by permaculturists in the areas of community building and local economic revitalization. But permaculturists have not yet developed a post-capitalist, socio-economic paradigm of their own. It is the contention of this paper that PROUT can help develop such a paradigm. PROUT offers a set of design principles upon which to construct a local economy with the intention of meeting the basic needs of local people in an environmentally sustainable manner through the cooperative use of local resources and local labor.

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Neohumanism — A Values Base for Society

Neohumanism is a new form of humanism which expands the humanistic impulse to be inclusive of all beings. A neohumanistic approach is based upon the cultivation of a deep, internal sentiment which gives reverence to all life and sees all living beings as manifestations of one, integrated whole. Neohumanism gives depth to the relationship of human beings to each other and to the world in which they live. It is fundamentally spiritual in nature – not because it subscribes to any religious view, but because it acknowledges the deep, inherent unity in all life and the spiritual essence which is inherent in the core of all beings, thus promoting a reverence for living beings.


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