Sadvipra Leadership

Leadership is important to the well-being of a society. Leaders reflect the values of the people. If superficial qualities of leadership appeal to voters, they will select inept and corrupt individuals to lead. But if the populace possesses high values and high aspirations, they will put into office leaders having noble character and a spirit of service. The ideal leader is the sadvipra, a deeply moral and spiritual personality devoted to the collective welfare and established in neohumanistic values. Sadvipras do not identify with any particular group but with all living beings. Sadvipras can inspire collective unity and social vitality.

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Structural Features of a PROUT Economy

Because of fundamental differences in its core values, the structural features of PROUT’s economic system differ from those of communism’s command economy and capitalism’s free market economy. With the communist economic system now rejected and with the capitalist economic globalism increasingly unsustainable, PROUT’s alternative paradigm deserves attention.


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