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Neohumanism — Only Road to the Future

Without a moral base that expresses certain cardinal values which enhance human life and development it is very difficult to have a healthy and well-functioning society. The world has become very small. With advances in technology and communications there has come to be a globally interwoven relationship between all people. But there is no unity among people in terms of their values and their society. They remain divergent and prone to conflicts. For humanity to become one world society there is need of a universal approach which is inclusive and serves the needs of all peoples. An approach is required which is integrative, rather than based upon dominance and submission.

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Humanism Expanded

Humanism refers to any philosophy, mode of thought, or course of action in which human interests predominate. For humanism, the measure of values and achievements is not derived from the authority of scriptures or laws, nor from the needs of the state, but from a concern for the welfare of human beings. PROUT has put forward an expanded conception of humanism termed neohumanism. While neohumanism is new as a philosophical concept, it is based on an awareness that is perennial in nature — an awareness of the interwoven and interdependent nature of life.

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