whole system design

Suburban Conversion

If city-dwellers are to put the ideal of sustainability into practice in their personal living spaces, there is need to convert their homes in appropriate ways. This conversion, when done in urban areas, has been called suburban conversion. This paper describes the changes to house, yard, and home-life that are involved in a holistic shift toward sustainability. They include reducing energy demand and water needs, developing and using resources immediately available on site, and eliminating toxicity and waste.

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Emerging River Road Neighborhood Food Culture

An integrated complex of food-related activities and programs is emerging in Eugene, Oregon’s River Road neighborhood. In the past 6 – 8 years there has arise a network of residents using their properties and skills to build a robust, localized food system. This system starts from soil at the base and proceeds up through seeds, starts, gardens, preservation, education, economy and culture. Motivation for building this food system comes from: (1) a constructive response to the global challenges facing agriculture, (2) a belief in the benefits of localized food production, (3) and a desire to reorient culture to become more wholesome, nurturing, and community oriented.


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