Here are Ellen Trazo’s reports on the ongoing projects:

Socio – Women’s Livelihood Center, which houses the Consumer’s Store and the Charcoal Making Project. The women’s project is a good partnership with Sr. Edith, a Benedictine nun, as they own that piece of land and donated the galvanized roof for the store and some plywood. We bought the wood and nails, and give honorariums to the fulltime carpenters. Most of the labor was given as free service by the husbands of the women members.  I felt so touched and happy because I saw how the community helped one another… buying woods, ferry it using the motor boats, the youth, the men and women were carrying the lumbers from the boat to the construction site.

The Consumer’s Store was started with the seed fund to buy sacks of rice, sugar, salt, other basic needs they need in that little islet.  The beneficiaries are the 28 members and officers of the Women’s Seaside Vendors of Barangay Naungan. With the seed fund as the capital for the women’s association, each member will put up $10 as a share investment in the store. This allows members to take some goods in credit. Even before the store construction was finished, they were already selling their goods.

The officers and members immediately bought sacks of rice, sugar.  Members repacked the rice and sugar into one kilo packages. One member brought her baby with her and was excited to participate event though she could not help.  Elderly women did their share of helping in the packaging.  Everyone was very happy and fulfilled. The youth were the first customers, as we bought rice, oil, green mung beans for our Nature’s Trip Adventure and Teambuilding Seminar on the Camotes Island

Making charcoal is another enterprise at the center. Members turn used paper from the school to fuel.

The Quinto Limbo Seva Youth Club had the overnight Nature’s Trip Adventure and Teambuilding Seminar conducted by Ellen Trazo assisted by her two children Shanti and Malaika.   The 35-person mother boat that was given to the fishermen group last year transported the youths on a 3-hour trip to the beautiful Island in the Camotes Area.  We played some games, swam in the sea and in the enchanted lagoon where the youth jumped from the high rock into the lagoon. The youth were so grateful for that adventure travelling to the open sea where big waves can enter the mother boat. As they are children of the fishermen and have grown near the sea, they were not at all perturbed by the big waves.

They were also given some fund to repair the School Service Boat that was given to them two years back.  Their school service also provide income for the club funds through rentals.  They use the funds for transportation when they attend some youth activities outside the community. The youth were given guitars to develop skills.

Meanwhile, the womens’ group organized two mass feedings of 100 children, youth and adults. They cooked chocolate porridge that brought smiles to the young children. It was timely breakfast, as we have just arrived from the Camotes Island Trip.

youth.seva youth.seva.2

The Fishermen group the Nagkahiusang Mananagat sa Barangay Naungan.(NMBN) held a general meeting and had a short class on the 5 fundamentals principles of PROUT.   They monitored the materials given to them like the mother boat. The Negrense Volunteers for Change and NGO and the Maharlikan Margiis of Sydney, Australia gave them 50 kilos of fish thread.  The fish thread is being woven into nets to be used for long distance fishing.


We accompanied them again to follow-up on the resettlement area, which is a very long process.  With the president, we went to the Urban Poor Development Center.

There is now an ongoing construction of a foot bridge that will connect that Naungan little islet to the main Naungan proper where children and youth go to school. This would be an advantage to the community that we are assisting by preventing incidents such as a recent boat capsize that soaked many students and their school papers and books.